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Media Facilities Scheduling Using VEMS on the Web.

This document contains information on how to:

Section 1: Apply for an account

Section 2: Make studio/room reservations

Section 3: Report concerns/questions

Section 4: System requirements


The URL for the online scheduling system is:

Click on this link to open a new browser window of the EMS scheduling homepage on your desktop. We suggest that you then re-size and re-arrange these two windows on your desktop so one is above the other, with each taking up half of your screen. This will allow you follow these instructions in one window while actually entering data in the second window.

This is a view of the homepage:

To apply for an account:

Position your cursor on top of the words "My Account"

A drop-down menu appears allowing you to click "Create an Account."

Choose this option, and the screen below will appear:

You will need to fill in the following information:

LEFT COLUMN - Personal Information

This column requests personal data that must be entered accurately for account approval

Email: your complete UM email address (non-UM addresses are not allowed)

Full name: LAST name, FIRST name (don't forget the comma in between!)

Phone: Area Code + number

Fax: (leave blank)

Password: Enter a password

Confirm: Re-enter that password

Notes: No need to enter anything

RIGHT COLUMN - System Personalization

This column offers you options to choose your reservation defaults.

Building: Choose "Duderstadt Center" from the drop-down menu

Time Zone: Leave as Eastern Time

Event: Put your <uniqname> in this field
(It then shows up in the schedule, so we know who has each reservation.)  (I know this seems strange, but it will make sense later.)

Event Type:   Choose "Editing/Mixing/Recording" from the drop-down menu

Start time:   Leave these two time fields as they are..
End time:
   (They are used to enter default times whenever you make a reservation.Instead, you will be entering times as you make EACH reservation.)

Start Page:   Entering "Room Request" will put you closest to making a reservation, but you can choose any of the options.

Once you have finished entering information in both of the columns, click "Save."

What happens next:

Your account will not be active until it is approved by DMC Studio Staff.
You should allow up to 48 hours for activation. Prior to account activation, or if a problem arises in the future, you will see a message that says "Invalid Account".  You will be sent an email message notifying you once your account is activated.

If, after 48 hours, your account has not been activated,
please report this problem via email to:

More information about reporting problems can be found in Section 3.


The URL for the online scheduling system is:

To make a reservation:

1 - You must first login.

Put your cursor above the word "My Account" until a drop down menu appears.

Select "Log In", and a new screen will appear.

Enter your entire e-mail address and password (selected at the time you submitted an account).

If you have forgotten your password, simply enter your e-mail address,
click "Email me my password
" and your password will be sent to that address.

Once you are logged in, the tool bar will display a new option: "Reservations."

2 - Put your cursor over "Reservations" until a drop down menu appears. Choose "Room Request".

A new screen will appear.

After you enter some info here, you get to a view of the media facilities' schedules

3 - Date: this field automatically enters today's date.
If you want to search for a different date, click on the calendar
navigate to the month/year you want, and click the date you desire. Alternatively, you can manually enter a new date in the field.

The date you chose should now appear in the "Date" box

4 - Start Time & End TimeEnter the ideal times you would like to book.  If you enter a random start time that happens to have already occurred you will get an error message.  You should choose an hour in the future.

Recurrence: Disabled.  Leave as "No Recurrence".

Building: Leave this as "Duderstadt Center".

5 - Attendance: Enter the number "1". This is required, yet irrelevant.

6 - Select to show results either as "List" or "Grid" then click "Search".

This will display all rooms you are authorized to reserve for the day you chose:

This is what the "List" display looks like:

7 - From the "List" display select desired room and click either the shopping cart icon or the word "Reserve" and at the next screen click "Continue".

This is what the "Grid" display looks like:

The table that appears displays a variety of color-coded information:

Grey bars =   hours the building is closed (if any)

Tan bars =   existing reservations (room is not available)

White area =   available times for each room

Red lines =   your desired time slot as entered on the previous screen

If you have selected a time frame that covers both AM and PM, the screen will show the start time and only one red line.  You will need to click "Next" to see the remainder of the reservation and other red line.

7 - If the room and time you would like are available click on the shopping cart icon.

If the room and time you wanted was not available and you would like to view space during a different time and or date, enter the new criteria and click "Search".  However, before doing that you may want to check availability.

This "Grid" displays availability 12 hours at a time. 

Click "Next" to view the next 12 hours

Click "Previous" to view the previous 12 hours

Click "Previous Day" and "Next Day" as needed.

7 - To reserve a room click on the shopping cart icon.

The next screen will review your reservation(s).

To cancel and start again click "Start Process Again".  Alternatively you can click on the red X icon to remove a room.

To add more dates/rooms click "Request More Rooms".

8 - To proceed click "Continue".

Finally you will come to the final screen of the reservation process.

In the "Event Name" and "Event Type" sections, your unique name and Editing/Mixing/Recording will automatically appear, because you entered them in the "Event" and "Event Type" fields of the "System Personalization" section when you set up your account.  If this information didnŐt appear automatically enter it now and then after you complete the reservation process edit your preferences under "Edit My Account", which is under "My Account".

9 - In the "School/Org Details" section under "1st Contact" if it didnŐt appear already click on the down arrow and select "temporary contact", which produces a new "Name" field.

10 - Enter the following, where appropriate.

Name:   <first> <last>
   <area code>-<number>
   <uniqname> is enough

If there is a second person participating in your session, who you want to also have key access to the room, fill out the "2nd Contact" section

If you need to have more than 2 names, you can enter more than one name into the "2nd Contact" "name" field.

The "Additional Info" is not read by the scheduling office.  If you need to communicate with them call 647-5275 or email

11 - Finally, click "Submit."

A "Reservation Summary" screen will then appear...

...indicating that you have successfully made a reservation!

From this screen you can

"Add Booking"

"Cancel All Bookings"

"View/Email Summary"   send an email to the address you set up for your account

You can also "Edit" or "Cancel" the reservation by clicking on the pencil icon or red X.

If you select "Cancel," the system will ask you to confirm it.

If you select "Edit," a new screen will appear.

Make any date and time changes, and click "Save".

A new "Reservation Summary" will appear, reflecting your changes.

Additionally, from this screen you can view "Current", "Historical" and "All" reservations.

12 - When you are finished using the system click "Log Out" under "My Account". 


If you have concerns/questions about:

-your account

-the site being down

-how the system works

Please send an e-mail to

And in the subject line, type "VEMS". Emails will be answered during normal business hours 8-5 PM, Monday-Friday. Please allow 24 hours for a reply.
If you need immediate assistance, send email to Even this may not get an immediate answer on weekends.


This scheduling system supports the browsers listed below. You are welcome to use other browsers, and will probably still be able to make reservations
but the screen images may appear a bit differently.  Or it might not work at all.


Internet Explorer 6.0 w/SP2 or
Firefox 1.0


Safari 1.2 or
Firefox 1.0