U-M Information and Technology Services (ITS), Art, Architecture and Engineering Library (AAEL) and the Digital Media Commons (DMC) work together to provide a variety of printing options to the visitors of the Duderstadt Center. Each department sets its own policies with respect to how their printers may be used and by whom. It is important to know which printer you are using, how the printing services are charged, and what the charges may be to use a particular printer. In most cases, printer names and instructions are posted on or near each printer for ease of use, but some specialty printing services will require assistance from the staff who manage them.

Refer to the list below for a description of the printing options in the Duderstadt Center:


ITS is the largest provider of printing services in the Duderstadt Center, with printers at several locations throughout the building. Each semester, all U-M students, faculty, and staff receive a set of Standard Computing Services providing a limited number of black & white, letter-sized (8 1/2" x 11") impressions on ITS printers. After these impressions are depleted, additional printing must be paid from individual or departmental funding. ITS tabloid (11" x 17") printers are also available at the Duderstadt Center, with each impression counting as two letter-sized impressions. Color printers are provided by ITS, but impressions are not included in the Standard Computing Services and must be paid from individual or departmental funding.

To check how many impressions you have available for ITS printers, visit the ITS web page.

Reporting Problems: If you experience problems using an ITS printer, such as "out of toner" or "out of paper" errors, contact ITS by calling (734) 764-4357 or sending email to

AAE Library Printers

The Art, Architecture & Engineering Library provides publicly-accessible printers in the Duderstadt Center that can be accessed by logging into a Library computer. The method of payment for impressions is determined by how you log into the Library computer:

  • U-M Login: U-M authenticated users are charged against their ITS Standard Computing Services, as described above.
  • Guest login: Print jobs are directed to the printer, and a copy card must be used to purchase impressions. This is the same copy card used for the copiers and microform printers throughout the Library system. The cost is $0.06 per impression.

Reporting Problems: If you experience any problems using a Library printer in the Duderstadt Center, contact the Library Reference Desk on the second floor. If it is closed, you may instead send email to

Large Format Printing in GroundWorks

GroundWorks, a facility of the DMC, offers printing for large-format, color academic posters, such as those for class presentations or professional conferences. Users of this service work with GroundWorks consultants to review images and complete the printing process. For more information on using this service, including costs, visit the Poster Shop website.

3D Printing in the UM3D Lab

The University of Michigan 3D Lab, also a member of the DMC, has a printer used for "Rapid Prototyping." This system allows you to take a design, digital sculpture, or almost any other 3D computer model and create a physical prototype of it. The 3D printing process can build objects of any complexity and may be used to produce tangible forms of mechanical parts, architectural designs, art work, etc. Visit the U-M 3D Lab for information on using this service.