The Audio Studio is an audio laboratory set up in the style of a recording studio. The resources are intended to encourage experimentation, research, and development of skills and techniques in audio production.

audio studio

The room is equipped with an API Vision console and set up for full 5.1 surround sound mixing as well as listening. It includes 48 channels, 96 faders, 32 microphone pre-amps, 32 parametric EQ's, 16 graphic EQ's, and 24 compressors. In addition to these board features, the room is equipped with a large selection of outboard gear including compressors, equalizers and reverberation units. The Audio Studio consists of five rooms: the control room, main tracking room, two isolation booths, and an amp room.

The lab was designed with the purpose of creating a community space for research and experimentation with audio. The Audio Studio has been set up with the resources to explore stereo recording, surround recording and surround recording with height.

Any member of the University community can be certified to use the Studio by taking a multi-week training course after having successfully used the Electronic Music Studio for one semester. Please visit the Training section of our website for more information. For manuals, pictures and specifications for equipment in the Audio Studio, please visit our CTools site.

In addition to the Audio Studio, two electronic music studios, are housed in the Duderstadt Center.