Digital Media Tools Lab

The Digital Media Tools Lab supports students and faculty engaged in projects that explore rich media and collaborative tools. We support new approaches to the use of "rich media", which we define as any digital media that includes a time-based component such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality constructions or other data visualized over time. Smart Studios provide space, resources, and the guidance of experienced, creative personnel and technical support staff.

What are Smart Studios?

Video Studio – outfitted with professional sound, lighting, and projection equipment.
Audio Recording Studio - a professional digital multi-track studio
Electronic Music Studios - digital audio and MIDI workstations.
Design Lab One - collaboration space and peer-to-peer learning
GroundWorks Media Conversion Facility - where anything analog can be digitized, and vice versa
Multimedia Workrooms – DV/VHS video editing and DVD authoring workstations
• V-Room – an easy to use self-contained digital audio recording booth
Some projects developed in the Smart Studios are presented to the public in the form of a performance or exhibition. There are two primary presentation venues in the Duderstadt Center: the Gallery, a traditional exhibition space for visual and multimedia work; and the Video Studio, a black box theatre, especially suited to exploring roles for technology in performing arts.