Multimedia Workrooms

Multimedia Workroom Description

Three professional Multimedia Workrooms are available to all University of Michigan faculty, students and staff. Users can reserve session times in advance on the web, making it easy to guarantee your work times. Each Multimedia Workroom is equipped with an Apple Dual Quad-Core Xeon Mac Pro computer, dual HD LCD displays, high-fidelity stereo speakers (same as Audio Studio), HD(1080P) and SD(480i) preview displays, Wacom tablets, CD/DVD burners and easy I/O for connecting external FireWire drives, HDMI enabled or analog devices. Installed software provides the latest Standard Definition and High Definition video editing applications, audio editing, media conversion and manipulation tools, DVD authoring and professional image compositing. Tape acquisition is DV HDV and video-editing software supports all Standard and HD formats.



Any faculty, student or staff member of the University of Michigan can use the Multimedia Workrooms after first attending a Video Editing Workshop or Multimedia Workroom Orientation.

Orientations and Workshops

Multimedia Workroom Orientations are a half-hour long and cover all the information and policies regarding gaining access to the Multimedia Workrooms. After an orientation, users will be able to book time online to reserve the rooms. The "Introduction to iMovie & iDVD," "Introduction to Final Cut Pro Workshops" and "Electronic Audio Studio Orientation" all include a Multimedia Workroom Orientation, so users do not need to sign up for both in order to get access to the facility.

For more information and to register for workshops, go to: "DMC Training Workshops."