The University of Michigan 3D Lab provides the UM community with access to high-end technologies revolving around computer modeling and visualization of multi-dimensional environments as they apply to nearly any discipline. The Lab's resources are available for students, faculty, and staff interested in the exploration of innovative ways for the communication of information, the visualization of complex worlds and processes, and the creative expression of ideas. A multitude of hardware and software technologies are combined in the 3D Lab, including:

- Virtual Reality
- Scientific Visualization
- Imaging Technology
- 3D Modeling and Animation
- Computer Graphics
- Advanced Teleconferencing
- Rapid Prototyping
- and more ...

This unique and rich combination of resources enables the exploration of new frontiers and realizes important aspects of the Duderstadt Center's mission as an Arts-Science-Technology Center.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration as well as in specialized projects, users of the 3D Lab can carry out a variety of activities, for example:

- create three-dimensional computer models in our Modeling   and Animation facility
- view and interact with 3D worlds in our fully immersive Virtual Reality CAVE
- project 3D environments onto our Stereoscopic Geowall
- build a physical model from almost any computer model with our 3D Printer
- render computer generated videos using our powerful 3D Render Farm
- use our Access Grid for real-time visual collaboration with   multiple remote partners
The professional staff at the 3D Lab is available to assist the UM community in using our resources in teaching, learning, exploratory projects, and research work. In addition, we provide support for transferring our technologies into the various UM schools, colleges, and other units. Duderstadt Center 3D Lab:Resources & Services