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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

UM3D Lab Fall Open House


UM3D Lab Fall Open House
Friday, Oct.7th
12:00pm to 6:00pm

Curious about new technologies, or have a project in mind but not sure where to start? The UM3D Lab Fall Open House will feature demonstrations of Virtual Reality, Rapid Prototyping, Motion Capture, 3D Capturing, Mobile Development, Animations, and more. In addition to various technology, projects, and expertise, this semester we’re excited to display some new technologies.

Commercial Release of the Oculus Rift
If you’ve seen the development versions of Oculus, the commercial version takes it a step further. Ever wanted to explore a futuristic city in VR? Go back to the dinosaur age? Now you can, and in incredible detail. 

PrintrBot & Form2 3D Printers
Ever want to print something in 3D? Come see the new Printrbot or Form 2 printers.The Form2 is an SLA desktop 3D printer and claims to be the “Most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created”, with a larger build volume and higher resolution than most desktop 3D printers. The Printrbot printers print in PLA & ABS plastic and make for affordable, reliable, hobbyist machines. High-end Dimension Elites and Projet 3D printers also available.

Microsoft Hololens 
On display will be the new, unreleased augmented reality head-mounted device by Microsoft. The Hololens allows you to place and interact with 3D digital imagery in your surrounding environment.

Virtual Reality MIDEN 
Come experience the MIDEN, our 10×10′ immersive, stereoscopic, virtual reality space. Explore infinite environments and 3D data. Participants are motion-tracked and navigate via a game controller to allow for unrestricted movement through virtual spaces.

Live Motion Capture 
Record and apply motion data using our high-end Vicon System or low-cost Kinect and Leap Motion. See how Hollywood captures realistic movement for digital characters, and learn how this technology can be applied to research and education.

3D Capturing - NextEngine Scanning / Photogrammetry
Quick and easy ways to capture existing 3D objects, big or small. The new NextEngine scanner allows small objects to be captured in precise detail. Also available will be our Photogrammetry rig, which allows for 3D scanning on a much grander scale-Capture large artifacts or even people in 3D! See how entire collections can be quickly documented in 3D and even archived on the web for broader accessibility.

Join us October 7th to see all of the amazing technology and services available to you through the Digital Media Commons, a service of the Library.
Click here to view directions to the 3D Lab and maps for parking.