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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Resources for do-it-yourself Video Production

Resources for do-it-yourself Video Production

The links below will lead you to simple, instructional videos that will guide through the basics:

“Pocket Production: Or Things to Think About When Pointing
a Camera”

This video series covers many aspects of video production 101, all while being focused on using your mobile device for these purposes. This includes Lighting, Framing, Shot Composition, Working with Audio, Interviewing Techniques, Developing your story, and Preparing to shoot. 

“Screen Recording with Quicktime.”

This was a quick video showing how to use Quicktime Player to create a screen capture. This will walk you through getting it set up to record. Videos captured this way can be used in any video editing software to clean up the production.

“Capturing Mobile Devices in Quicktime”

For anyone looking to showcase a mobile app, or use a mobile device as an additional recording device for a production. Here we walk you through setting up your iPhone to capture in Quicktime player.

“Fixing ‘Vertical Video Syndrome’ in Final Cut Pro X”

Have you realized after the fact that you held your phone in portrait, as opposed to landscape mode? This video shows ways to reduce the impact of “Vertical Video Syndrome” in your final production. This video utilizes Final Cut Pro X, but most any video editing software can replicate the same results (i.e. Adobe Premiere Pro).

“A little bit about Garageband”

This brief video showcases how to learn about using Garageband on the Macintosh. How to visit the help options, making a basic recording and getting started in editing with Garageband.

“Camtasia in a Moment”

Camtasia is a fantastic tool for creating online content. It simultaneously captures a webcam, microphone and the desktop of the computer, ALL on separate layers, allowing for simple content creation. For those who might have Camtasia on their own, this guide breaks down how it works and how to use the guides located within Camtasia to create instructional content.