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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

How to Look Better in Zoom

Tom Bray and Ryan Wilcox from the Duderstadt Center share their expertise in this first set of training videos to teach us how to improve our on-camera  presence.  Bray put together this presentation "How to Look Better in Zoom: 5 Tips That Make a Difference" with a lot of great and not-so-expensive advice. 

Making a script for training that you would normally do from memory can be challenging, time consuming, but necessary.  Joanna Millunchick, Arthur F Thurnau Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, suggests the transcribe feature in Word

Nick Julius and Casey Dixon, CoE Wilson Center, found the Glide Gear iPad Smartphone Teleprompter to be a useful tool. It will scroll your text while filming Hollywood style, so you can talk into the camera like a pro.

 More Resources for Working at Home with Audio and Video.