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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Living Arts - Creative, Collaborative Projects

Living Arts - Creative, Collaborative Projects
April 8 - 19, 2017
Duderstadt Center Gallery


Living Arts is about sharing ideas and approaches to creating in an interdisciplinary environment. The Collaborative Creative Projects bring together groups of students in a variety of disciplines within the community, for the purpose of creating something new, interesting or compelling by sharing their different talents and abilities with each other. Students have been working throughout the year in interdisciplinary teams on various projects with guest artists and faculty. The Collaborate Creative Projects allow our students to take what they have learned and stretch their wings on their own with guidance from ArtsEngine staff, working through phases of creative process to address a given topic or problem.

This year our projects are focused on the ArtsEngine facilitated UpstART 200: A U-M Bicentennial Project of Student and Alumni Reflection and Making (More info on the project may be found at Each Living Arts student team has chosen one (or more) U-M artifact from an archive of art, design or architecture to inspire their project. Each completed project will be entered into consideration for permanent placement in the print and digital publication, Student and Alumni Reflections from the U-M Bicentennial, in Winter 2018.