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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center


September 7-15, 2016

Reception: Tuesday, September 13

4:30-7:00 pm

Duderstadt Center Gallery


Removed (2016) explores processes of progressive translation, abstraction and distortion. Musical improvisation is captured as choreographic experience, then encoded into digital animation and 3D-printed sculptural forms. The performances are transformed by their conversion into visual media: sound is removed, movement is abstracted from human anatomy into nonrepresentational geometry, and time is rendered as space. Removed creates a dialogue between the intuitive and the formalized, and invites questions about the nature of translation and the absences it conceals.

Thanks to the University of Michigan Libraries Digital Media Commons for their support of this project, and especially to Steffen Heise and Shawn O’Grady of the UM3D Lab for their expertise in motion capture and digital fabrication.

Christopher Burns is a composer, improviser, and multimedia artist whose works explore collage, layering, and the use of generative algorithms to form and develop both musical and visual elements. His work creates a dialogue between complexity and clarity, incorporating densely braided, rapidly shifting materials alongside gradually evolving, linearly directed textures. He is currently scholar-in-residence at the UM Digital Media Commons.