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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Application for use of conference rooms

The Conference Rooms are available for most UM purposes, with the exception of regular classes or standing weekly meetings.
Please direct questions about the rooms and this reservation process to:
Duderstadt Center Scheduling Office
734 763-3266

Contact information

The conference rooms are locked - if you would like other contacts to have key access, please list their names here.

Event information

If different from the reservation time above

If different from the reservation time above

Videoconference information (optional)

If you will require videoconferencing capabilities, please list the following information or have the other site's technical person contact the DC Scheduling Office to exchange technical details.

How many of the following items will you need?

Room setup

Conference Rooms A, B, and D have boardroom tables.

Technical Support and Internet Access

All rooms have wireless and Ethernet access. Please bring your own cable to use the Ethernet. Upon your first attempt to access wireless, a website will appear requesting registration. Non-University participants requiring Ethernet access must provide the Ethernet/MAC address for their computer. For wireless access, please request a guest account. We must receive notification two business days before your event.

Technical assistance is available between the hours of 7:30 AM - 9 PM Monday-Thursday and 7:30 AM - 6 PM on Fridays. You may request help during your event by dialing the tech support numbers near the room's phone, or you may schedule an appointment in advance by indicating a time here.