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Digitizing Knoweldge – Design Reviews 1 AND 2!

Digitizing Knowledge has finished not one but two design reviews in the past few weeks. Their first review is recapped here, but the videos have finally made their way onto the interwebs.

View the video archive

In episode two, the team shares the results of their interviews and subsequent presentation about digitizing archives.

View the video archive

Posted in Design Reviews by on the March 13th, 2009

GroupLoops Design Review 1

Is it more fun to imitate an instrument we already know on the iPhone, or to build something completely different? We take a look at a few existing music aps for the iPhone and respond to some possible GroupLoops functions.

View the video archive

Posted in Design Reviews by linda on the February 17th, 2009

Slowly Ambient Design Review 1

Slowly Ambient’s first design review featured a model of the pavilion’s joint structure, complete with actuating parts.   The team’s questions gathered thoughts and ideas about the nature of an “entrance” for the structure, weighing, especially, whether there should be a door-like part, and whether or not it should move itself in response to a human presence.

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Posted in Design Reviews by linda on the February 16th, 2009

Assessing the Loss – Digitizing Knowledge’s Design Review

Thanks to the Digitizing Knowledge team for taking the leap and hosting the first design review. Here’s a brief recap of what was discussed:

Colleen represented the “user” of the archives and spoke to us about her own experiences researching the US participation, and specifically the role of the University community, in the colonization of the Philippines. She talked about the “aura” and ephemeral nature of archives, and the ability to stumble upon related pieces of information when searching through a physical archive. She also introduced the power diagram the team created, and talked about the political ramifications of creating an archive. Many archives are created from the personal collection of documents donated to an institution, and the issue of who is included and who is excluded from the history that they capture is paramount.

Ricky gave a small presentation of digitizing archives, focusing on the choice to “go digital” rather than the actual technical process of turning things digital. Verifying access was a large concern – who can access the archive? How do we verify their intetions? Do we need to verify their intentions? Another large point was the privileging of textual documents in archive collections. The team hopes to focus on the digitization of images, which will help to increase the identification rate of these materials.

Kiara introduced the interview questions that the team hopes to use in the next stage of their project. As opposed to a traditional interview set up, they have constructed their questions to maximize the creation of a dialogue between the user of the archive and the creator of the archive, two groups that may not have been able to dialogue previously.

Urmilla then focused the group towards two areas of feedback the team was soliciting: the usefulness and structure of the presentation given here to help the team give the presentation in an extended format in March, and the format and content of their interview questions. Any feedback on the wrap was also welcome.

What did the group say? Check out the video in Bluestream!

Any further feedback for the team can of course be sent to the team, or to grocs.info@umich.edu

This week is a more laid back affair for the entire group to bond, chat informally and challenge one another in the epic arena of Rock Band.

Posted in Design Reviews by on the February 4th, 2009

GROCS 2009 Design Review Schedule

Design Reviews are open to the public!   3- 5 PM Fridays

  • Jan 30: Digitizing Knowledge
  • Feb 13: GroupLoops, Slowly Kinetic Ambient Pavilion
  • Feb 20: August 23
  • March 6: Digitizing Knowlege, Changing World of Sound
  • March 13: Refab
  • March 20: Gallery Exhibition Planning
  • March 27: August 23, Changing World of Sound
  • April 3: GroupLoops, Slowly Kinetic Ambient Pavilion
  • April 10: OPENING
  • April 17: Refab?
Posted in Design Reviews, Events by linda on the January 25th, 2009
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