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GROCS 2010 Semi-finalists

The projects invited to submit a full proposal, due November 2, are:

  • “Chance It” Multi-touch Table
  • ClearMeds
  • Design of a new haptic interface to enhance the intuitive and physical relationship between musicians and their (electronic sound producing) instruments
  • e+co(r)relate
  • eDoctor’s DX
  • Full-featured Multidimensional Data Visual Analysis System
  • Information Overload. Impact Desensitisation. Digital Dispersion.
  • Is Anybody There?
  • iTactile
  • M’AIDEZ Disaster Communications System
  • Mobile Inquiry in the Museum
  • The Autlook Project: Creating Ability Friendly Digital and Physical Spaces
  • “What Would You Do If I Sang Out of Tune …”

Is your project listed?  You are STRONGLY encouraged to drop in during any Wednesday proposal workshop   for guidance in shaping your proposal (11 am – 1 pm, in Design Lab 1).  Or email grocs.info@umich.edu to schedule an appointment at your convenience. The full proposal forms will be posted later today.

Not listed? Most of the projects that were not selected at this stage were passed over because the collaboration component was not primary enough for our particular criteria (for example, the project would need only a straightforward relationship between practitioner and programmer).  Please don’t be discouraged!

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Semi-finalists will be announced at noon today

Nearly half of the teams who submitted project ideas will be invited to develop full proposals, due Nov. 2.  The list will be posted here at noon, and we will email submitters who provided contact information.   Please note again:  if you did not type your name and contact information into the GROCS submission form with your proposal or provide it via email, we don’t know who you are!  Email grocs.info@umich.edu to identify yourself.

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Thanks for Your Entries

GROCS reviewers are already screening more than 30 GROCS 2010 entries.  Please check this website on or after October 9th  for the list of semifinalists.  Please note: we received several entries without contact information (geez, what a snafu!).   If you did not actively type in your team members’ names, we don’t have them.  Fear not – these projects will be reviewed without penalty.  Please email grocs.info@umich.edu if you think we need names with your project description.

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