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Font 1 or Font 2 – GROCS Meeting January 23

Another week and tons of progress on the GROCS front. August 23, 1966 has been moving rapidly towards a multi-touch table interface. Slowly Kinetic Ambient Pavillion showed us a working model of one of their panels that will eventually comprise their structure, complete with working SMA. Digitizing Knowledge is about ready to start the interview process, and will be hosting a design review this week, January 30. Group Loops have their iPod Touch units in hand and completed a crash course in existing music software for upper-level users. Our Changing World of Sounds has started to move towards a final wrap design, a “sound gallery” of sorts, as well as starting to research the connection between psychological state and sound environments. ReFab is experimenting with both reusable materials and software schema in order to move forward with their database concept.

We also led a sample design review, critiquing this site! Hopefully this exercise got to the spirit of the design review: it’s a time to discuss issues that are plaguing a team, ask specific advice about design questions and present ideas at any stage of development without feeling the pressure of a formal critique. It isn’t a time for other members to solve the team’s questions, or present full solutions, but rather to discuss the possibilities and bring attention to topics or areas of interest that may have been overlooked. The Font 1 or Font 2 issue became a sprawling debate on serif or non serif fonts, but it was the type of discussion that many teams can contribute to, rather than a niche skill or idea that might be harder to discuss with the wide range of skill sets present in the group.

This week we’ll be interviewing each other, and giving feedback to Digitizing Knowledge as they have their first Design Review. Looking forward to see you there!

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