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Jonathan Cohen, David Fienup, Jacek Spiewla, Adam Torres
Adviser: Eric Santos, School of Music
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Learning how to play an instrument and compose music takes a long time and a lot of effort. Electronic devices lower the barrier to music creation by removing procedural technique from this learning curve. However, music composition software shares a different barrier with instruments: It’s hard to learn how to make a musical work that sounds good. Our research will explore how the iPhone and iPod Touch could teach music theory while participants collaborate on a group track. The experience might be similar to a jam session, but with digital instruments that fit in your pocket and don’t require years of practice to play well. We’ll use interaction design methods like contextual inquiry, prototyping, and user testing to research and develop an interface that’s easy to use, instructional via constraints and recommendations, and fun. Our goal is to develop a proof-of-concept for co-located, synchronous, and collaborative music composition software for the iPhone and iPod Touch that would educate and inspire creativity in music theory novices.

Proposal: Grouploops [.pdf]

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