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Our Changing World of Sound

Colin Campbell, Jeremy Edwards, Sentagi Sestoya Utami
Adviser: Michael Gould, School of Music

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Close your eyes and simply listen. Listen deeply. After several minutes, begin to take an inventory of all the discrete sounds that you hear. A watch ticking, a bird calling, the high-pitched whir of a fluorescent light, the drone of running water… What do these sounds tell us about a specific time and place? Of the sounds that you hear, which are unintended byproducts of our modern world? Which sounds have been a part of the collective sonic backdrop for less than 50 years? Are there sounds that pre-date us? What are the elements of the sonic landscape that change from generation to generation, and what elements are permanent? Do sounds go extinct? To what extent do we pay attention to ambient sound?

Proposal: Our Changing World of Sound [.pdf]

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