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Slowly Kinetic Ambient Pavilion

Kendra Byrne, Evan Hall, Brendan Byrne, Brent Utter
Adviser: Malcolm McCullough, Architecture
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A deployable shelter finds it shape in the form of environmental mimicry, taking cues from wind speed, temperature, and humidity. The shelter is a prototype for a system that can create a loop of information and action between the structure, the environment, and its inhabitants with subtle motions and changes in light and atmosphere. The shelter attempts to make visible connections between natural and artificial environments and their occupants in ways that are usually unrealized through visualization and interaction. The form of the shelter becomes a collaboration between the inhabitants and the environment. We propose to study the integration of intelligent computing and active structures as two interdependent factors in the built environment.

Proposal: Slowly Kinetic Ambient Pavilion [.pdf]

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