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Clara Cahill, Science Education and Museum Studies
Alex Kuhn,Computer Science and Engineering
Alex Pompe, Information Science
Shannon Schmoll, Astronomy & Astrophysics and Science Education
Advisor: Chris Quintana, School of Education, Learning Technologies

Zydeco is an iPhone application designed to facilitate inquiry-based learning and engagement among students in a museum by guiding and enabling active interactions and investigations with exhibits (for example, visiting different exhibits in a Natural History Museum in search of information to help them design a super-animal). Zydeco incorporates “scaffolding features”, such as guiding prompts and tools, that aim to support and motivate students to mindfully collect and organize data and information in the museum while maintaining free-choice to visit exhibits that they find most interesting. The data that students collect – including descriptive titles, information tags, and audio notes centered around photographs that students take in the museum – can be accessed later on Flickr, allowing students to maintain connections to the exhibits even after they leave the museum.

Read the full project proposal (pdf)

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