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Haptodeon: A New Musical Instrument with Haptic Force Feedback Interface

Colin Zyskowski, Media Arts
Eric Sihite, Mechanical Engineering
Huai-Ning Chang, Mechanical Engineering
Yashar Ganjeh, Mechanical Engineering
Anish Joshi, Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Brent Gillespie, Mechanical Engineering

This is a new musical hardware and software interface that includes haptic force feedback. Built to resemble a music stand, this unassuming device uses a spherical mechanism to map tilt in two dimensions, which is then translated to correlating pitches. The performer uses his/her hands to tilt the platform, and their feet to trigger notes and determine volume. The more the user tilts the platform, the more resistance they feel from the tilt mechanism. There are two modes of use for this instrument: 1. Pitch Training Mode, in which the user, as they tilt the platform, receives a haptic force feedback in the form of vibration in their hands. The amount of vibration correlates to the degree to which the note is in/out of tune. 2. Performance Mode in which the instrument produces discrete pitches. The interface includes a wide array of synthesized sounds that can be combined in various ways to produce a variety of sounds.

New digital instruments have been criticized for the lack of proper force feedback that is found in traditional instruments. For example, the resistance a trombone player feels as he/she moves the slide or in an accordion when the bellows are pulled and pushed. The haptic force in our instrument will be designed to resemble the force provided by a modern, high-end gaming joystick.

Read full project proposal (pdf)

Posted in Uncategorized by linda on the November 23rd, 2009
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