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Where Do We Sleep?

Elizabeth Skene, School of Information
Kristen Muehlhauser, School of Nursing

What if we gave those who are homeless a chance to speak? What would they say? Would you listen? We are exploring this question and using technology as a medium to try and build meaningful interactions. We have an opportunity to think about how many small strands might form a stronger web than a few thick ones and about the lives that could have been ours.

We intend to provide a voice to those who are too often misunderstood, and facilitate a conversation between the disparate, yet intermingling communities of those who are experiencing homelessness and those who are not. Furthermore, we ask how this conversation can be translated into meaningful, though possibly brief, interactions, from which both groups will likely emerge with increased insight.

To do this, will have set up a public display and have invited those experiencing homelessness to answer our question of the day. These questions and answers will be broadcast to the wider Ann Arbor area, along with ways in which the average person can help eradicate homelessness. By starting and encouraging this interaction, we hope that our small drop in the pond will ripple out, spreading understanding, compassion and inspiring change.

Read the full project proposal (pdf).

Posted in Uncategorized by linda on the December 2nd, 2009
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