Templates, Logos, and UM Seals

Official University of Michigan Wordmark & Logos

The University has made available to members of the University community a great collection of official logos and graphics that you are welcome to use in your poster. We encourage you to use these high-quality, officially-sanctioned materials -- in particular, those in EPS format -- as they will give you the best results. Look for the Downloads section of the web site for the files.

Also see their Print Guidelines for information about color settings (for Maize & Blue, for example), and usage guidelines.

The College of Engineering has made EPS versions of the Michigan Engineering logo available at http://www.engin.umich.edu/graphic-identity/download.html

Templates for Adobe Illustrator

Here are some prefabricated poster files created in Adobe Illustrator. Just download the right file for the version of Illustrator you're working with. The files are cross-platform, so it doesn't matter if you're on a Mac or Windows machine. Open the file with Adobe Illustrator, and then just paste in your text and place your image files.

Not comfortable with Illustrator? Then sign up for one of our free workshops, "Creating Professional-looking Conference Posters", which are offered at least once a month during Fall & Winter terms.

Adobe Illustrator
  3'x4', three column poster
  3'x4', four column poster
  3'x6', four column poster
  3'x6', five column poster

Templates for GIEU (Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates)
  Adobe Illustrator - trifold (Block M on the center panel)
  Adobe Illustrator - trifold (Block M on the right-side panel)

32" x 40" Templates for UROP & SROP
  UROP/SROP template for Adobe Illustrator