How to record video to the DVD Recorder


The Pioneer DVR-320-S allows you to make real-time DVD recordings (DVD-video  discs) from any audio/video device available in GroundWorks. It operates much like a VCR, allowing you to choose the input source and to select  the “speed” (or amount of recording time available) for your  blank DVD–R disc.

Important note: Please be sure that you are using a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc  and not another format (such as DVD+R or DVD+RW). The DVR-320  will not always work correctly with these formats. DVD-R media can  be purchased from the Reserve Desk on the second floor.

You have 2 input source options:

  • record via the analog inputs (using the A/V Switcher Rack).


  • record via the front panel FireWire inputs. (you must connect your own FireWire device)

To use FireWire, you must provide:

  1. a 4-pin to 4-pin FireWire cable
  2. another FireWire DV video playback device

If your source tape is miniDV, you can use the miniDV VCR that is already in the rack as your playback source. All you have to provide is the FireWire cable to go from the DV output of the miniDV VCR to the DV input of the DVD recorder.

If you have a source other than miniDV (Digital8, for example), you must provide the playback device, such as your camera, as well as the 4-pin to 4-pin FireWire cable.

When connecting through FireWire, be sure the DVD recorder is turned off until the devices are plugged in. Power the DVD recorder on after your device is connected, and then the device should be recognized.

Step 1: Set up your video source

Assuming that you are using one of the devices in GroundWorks' Audio/Video switcher rack, begin by making a connection between the device that is playing your video and the DVD Recorder. If you have not used this system before, please see the document, "How To Use the Audio/Video Rack."


Insert your videotape into the video deck that supports your particular format.


Use the touch screen on the Audio/Video switcher to set the device that will play your video as the input, or " FROM" device.The number next to the device in the rack corresponds to the number on the touchscreen.


Use the touch screen to set the "TO" device to be the DVD Recorder.


Make an additional, second connection FROM the DVD Recorder TO a monitor, so you can watch what it is actually recording. This will also let you see certain menu options from the DVD Recorder.


Step 2: Choose your settings


Insert a blank DVD and give the player a moment to recognize the disc.

2. Select the Input line by pressing the -/+ button on the front of the DVD Recorder.  Be sure that your input corresponds to the output of your source:  L1- for composite, L3 for s-video. If you don't see any video on one of those Inputs, then try the other.


Set the Record Mode, which determines the amount of video which can be stored on your disc.

Rec Mode sets the quality and the available recording  time.
  •   Fine = +/- 60 minutes of video and audio at high quality.
  •   SP = +/- 120 minutes of video and audio at standard  quality.
  •   LP = +/- 240 minutes of video at lower quality.
  •   EP = +/- 360 minutes of video at very low quality.

Please note: You are trading image quality for more  recording time, so choose wisely -- you can get a higher quality  video image, but it will be at the expense of how much video  you can put on the disc

Step 3: Name your disc

This recorder automatically creates a simple menu for your DVD. The only option you have is to rename the disc and/or titles on the disc. This is a cumbersome process, but can be done using an onscreen menu available using the Remote. It's not a required step for making a useable DVD, and you may skip to Step 4 if you wish.


Push the HOME MENU button  on the Remote



A menu will appear on  the TV monitor. Use the arrow keys on the remote to select "Disc Setup".


From the menu that appears,  choose Basic, then select Input Disc Name, Then select Next Screen.  After you have entered your disc’s name select OK

You can do this step after you've recorded your video, if you wish. Once you've "finalized" your disc, however, this option will not be available.

Step 4: Record your material

Be aware that there is a little physical dexterity involved in this operation: you're going to need to start your source material playing and then dash over to the DVD recorder to start the recording.


Make sure you see & hear  what you plan to record by playing a bit of it. It should appear  on the monitor you have set as your DVD recorder’s destination.


 Rewind your source media a few seconds before the section you wish to record.


Press Play on  the source deck and then immediately press the Rec button on the DVD recorder.


Once you are ready to record, rewind your tape to several seconds before the point you wish to begin recording.


Press PAUSE (on the remote) to stop recording without creating another  title. Press  Rec STOP to stop recording with creating another  title.  Rec STOP is the button with a red outline of a square.

You can record/pause/stop as much as you want until you are  done.

Step 5: Finalize your disc

You must Finalize the DVD-R when you are done recording. If you do not, you will only be able to play it on this particular device, and no other.


Press the HOME MENU button  on the Remote


A menu will appear on  the TV monitor. Use the arrow keys on the remote to move down and  select "Disc Setup".


Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate to the Finalize option.


Follow the on-screen  instructions to select the menu image that wish.  Once you have selected your menu image you be asked “create this image?”, select yes and your disc will be finalized.


Now you have created a DVD that will be playable in a computer with a DVD drive, or in virtually any standalone DVD player.