A number of spaces in the Duderstadt Center can be reserved in advance, including:

Audio Studio*                                    Online Reservation System

Electronic Music Studio*                 Online Reservation System

Conference Rooms                        (reservation request form)

Gallery                                               (reservation request form - pdf)

Multimedia Workroom*                   Online Reservation System

Public Areas inside the building (Atrium and Connector Hall) and outside the building (Portico and Plaza)         (reservation request form)

Study Rooms                                   (Online Reservation System)

Training Rooms                              (reservation request form)

Video Studio                                    (reservation request form - pdf)

*Requires Certification. See Training for Certification.

Policies regarding access to and use of rooms vary but some general policies regarding food service, clean-up and other services apply --- see General Policies.

Completed forms can be submitted on-line or sent to:

Duderstadt Center Scheduling Office
2281 Bonisteel Boulevard, Suite 2161
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2094
Voice:  (734) 763-3266
FAX:  (734) 936-3107