A number of spaces in the Duderstadt Center can be reserved in advance, including:

Audio Studio*

Electronic Music Studio*

Conference Rooms                        (reservation request form)

Gallery                                               (reservation request form - pdf)

Multimedia Workroom*

Public Areas inside the building (Atrium and Connector Hall) and outside the building (Portico and Plaza)         (reservation request form)

Study Rooms                                   (Online Reservation System)

Training Rooms

Video Studio

*Requires Certification. See Training for Certification.

Policies regarding access to and use of rooms vary but some general policies regarding food service, clean-up and other services apply --- see General Policies.

Completed forms can be submitted on-line or sent to:

Duderstadt Center Scheduling Office
2281 Bonisteel Boulevard, Suite 2161
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2094
Voice:  (734) 763-3266
FAX:  (734) 936-3107