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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Studio Resources

Video Studio Resources

There are many resources available for clients of the Video Studio.

Studio Dimensions

Studio Dimensions

The Video Studio dimensions are 73 ft at it's widest with a maximum depth of 61 ft. From floor to bottom of the light grid is 20 ft.   Video Studio Consultants will work with you to determine usable space based upon production requirements.  

Please download template files from the "Download" link found on the right side column to aid in your planning.


Studio Lighting

Studio Lighting

Good lighting is key to producing high-quality video. The video studio has eighteen motorized grids populated with a wide variety of industry standard lighting instruments used to sculpt light and enhance the emotional tone of a project. Whether filming a tasteful interview, a high-intensity rock band or something in-between, the video studio lighting grid is outfitted to realize the vision of the user.

  • 35 Desisti 2k Fresnels
  • 22 Desisti 1k Fresnels
  • 2 Desisti 5k Fresnels
  • 30 ETC Source Four Zoom 15-30 degree
  • 15 Source Four 50 degree
  • 12 Source Four 26 degree
  • 23 Par 64
  • 12 Three-cell Cyclorama Units



Sony PXW- FS7

Cameras: The Video Studio is equipped with four Sony PXW-FS7 Cameras.  Learn more about the capabilities of the PXW-FS7 at Sony's resource page.

Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses

Lenses: In addition to the Sony’s PXW-FS7 kit lens, which is a 28-135mm  (42-202.5 35mm equivalent focal length) we have three additional Prime Lenses: Zeiss Compact Prime 35mm, 50mm and 85mm.  Learn more about the Studio's Compact Primes at the Zeiss resource page.

Green Screen

The Video Studio is equipped with an impressive fifty-foot wide green screen and accompanying thirty-two by thirty-six-foot floor insert to accommodate projects that require CGI elements and chroma key compositing. The vastness of the surface makes the Video Studio a viable space for capturing full-body green screen work and dance. A dedicated green screen lighting setup ensures footage is 'keyed' with ease by producing even light across the full surface of the screen.

Video Projection

Projection Plot


Video Projection:  The Video Studio boasts two Epson Pro L1505U Laser Projectors with a brightness of 12,000 lumens that are permanently installed to create a combined  3840x1080 “Pixel Space” on the studio cyc curtain measuring 64 ft wide, 17 ft high.  Within that “Pixel Space” video can be played back centered, scaled to fit, or positioned as desired.  

Controlling the projectors is a powerful PC Projection Computer and Mac Pro with several applications specifically designed for projection, such as Touch Designer (PC/Mac), QLAB (Mac), Arkaos Media Master Pro (PC), Resolume (PC), VLC (PC/Mac) and more.  In addition, the PC Projection Computer can also receive up to four unique video streams that can be used as interactive source content for software such as Touch Designer.  

Live Event Video Switching


Video Switch


Live Event Video Switching:  Besides individual camera capture of an event, the Video Studio has the capacity to create a Live Hot Switch similar to what you would see at live sporting or news event.  The Hot Switch can contain footage from cameras, projections or computer sources used for an event.  When the event is finished the recording will be a single quicktime movie ready to be  shared.  This Hot Mix movie is a good document of an event that can be shared immediately while a more refined edit is completed.  

Video Streaming

YouTube Live Streaming

Video Streaming:  The Video Studio is capable of streaming live events to YouTube upon request. A video stream may be the Hot Switch or a single camera video feed.  Live event information and links will be posted on the Duderstadt Center webpage under “Upcoming Events.”  After the performance, the client has the option for the performance to become “Unlisted” on YouTube.  

Video Streaming from the Video Studio must adhere to YouTube's Community Guidelines

Recording Formats

Recording Formats: The Sony PXW-FS7 can record in multiple resolutions and frame rates.  These settings impact the size and duration of the media files created.  Performances recorded live also have a Hot Switch mix recorded at 1080p 29.97 fps in the ProRes 422 format which is independent of the camera format choice .   This is a matrix of formats commonly used in the Video Studio.   

High Speed Frame Rates:  The PXW-FS7 is capable of capturing up to 180 fps when recording at XAVC-I 1080.  Storage requirements and duration requirements increase proportionally as FPS increase.

Recording Format Matrix

Post Production & Editing Resources

Multimedia Room Station

Post Production & Editing Resources:  Upon completion of a Studio Shoot, all media assets (camera video, audio, stills,  and content created for the event) will be copied to the Duderstadt Center's high speed internal network storage.   Following your shoot you will meet with a Consultant and have the following options:


  1. Review and copy your footage to your hard drive for you to work with on your own.
  1. Review your footage and gain access to our high speed network storage and reservable Multimedia Work Rooms for 45 days where you can leverage our professional video editing hardware and software.   
  1. For classes that need access to media by many individuals we can provide information and directions that will allow participants to download content to their own hard drives from any of our computers in GroundWorks or Multimedia Workrooms. If you’re faculty and would like your students to receive orientations, training or gain access to the Multimedia Workrooms please let us know in advance.


More information regarding the Multimedia Rooms can be found at


Hard Drive Selection:  Depending on number of cameras, days/shows, storage requirements will quickly escalate.  Common examples:


4 Camera (1080, 29.97) & Hot Switch (1080, 29.97) /1 hour show will average 125 GB/hour


4 Camera (4k, 29.97 fps)  & Hot Switch (1080, 29.97)/1 hour show will average 1.3 TB/hour


There are many drives available.  Minimum recommended specs should be 7,200 RPM hard drives with a USB-3 connector.  Hard Drives with USB-C compatibility (backwards compatible to USB-3 & USB 2)  are becoming the new standard and may be a good purchase for those wishing to be future minded.  


Clients are responsible for providing hard drives after the video shoot when meeting to pick up media or gaining access to edit in the DMC Multimedia Rooms.  These drives should be formatted and empty.  Recommended hard drives that we have good experiences with are:


For Video Editing, Storage & Backup:


GLYPH Blackbox PRO:



For Storage & Back Up:

Lacie Rugged Mobile Storage Drives:


Questions or requests regarding Post Production assistance may be directed to: