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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

2018 Media & Studio Arts Symposium


2018 Media & Studio Arts Symposium


A diverse community of presenters representing students, faculty, industry professionals, software developers and hardware manufacturers will be sharing their expertise, experience and collaborations.  Join our community as we embark on this week long exploration of the creative process, exploring the tools and techniques that can make your vision a reality!

The first annual Media & Studio Arts Symposium is hosted by the Duderstadt Center, the nexus of interdisciplinary innovation, research and discovery for media creation and performance technologies at the University of Michigan.  The Symposium will take place in the Duderstadt Center’s state-of-the-art Video Studio, showcasing the latest in Video, Audio, Interactive and Projection Technology.


2-4 pm, Creating Artistic Identity in the Recording Studio

Presenters: Bill Lucas, Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, University of Michigan.  David Greenspan, Managing Producer, Audio Studios, Duderstadt Center, University of Michigan.

7-9 pm, Mastering Music for 21st Century Commerical Delivery Formats

Presenter: Paul Blakemore, Staff Mastering Engineer, Concord Music 


1-3 pm, VR & 360 Video in Final Cut Pro & the iMac Pro

Presenter: Luke Tristram, Apple

4-6 pm, Media Creation and Performance with TouchDesigner, Presentation

Presenter: Greg Hermanovic, Derivative

7-9 pm, Media Creation and Performance with TouchDesigner, Workshop

Presenter: Greg Hermanovic, Derivative 


1-2:30 pm, Pocket Production - Getting the Most out of Your Portable Device in Production

Presenter: Ryan N. Wilcox, Duderstadt Center, University of Michigan

3-5 pm, DSLR Video Techniques, Training

Presenter: Lisa G. Alford, Canon

6-8 pm, DSLR Video Techniques, Hands On

Presenter: Lisa G. Alford, Canon


4:30-5:30 pm, 360 and VR Audio and Video, Lessons Learned

Presenters: Daniel Braunstein, Justine Smith, Anna Edelman, University of Michigan

7-9 pm, Vacuum Tube Amplifiers:  Past Glory to Modern Innovation

Presenter: Stan Voskov 


2-4 pm, Shifting Perceptions Through Light: Lighting for Dance

Presenter: Mary Cole, Lecturer, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, University of Michigan

4:30-5:30 pm, The Making of 'Big Weather'

Presenter: Peter Sparling, Rudolf Arnheim Distinguished Professor of Dance, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, University of Michigan


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