TS 2nd-Level Pages Template

HEADING BLOCK – H5: Teaser Text describing the topic, summarizing one or more of: 1) the unique attributes of the organization/space/service/equipment; 2) benefit to users; 3 typical outcomes.
Sample image
A caption is always a kind thing to offer readers. This caption uses the caption text provided with the image file. Note the size is “Default” and the content defaults to “centered. Image set to “Full size”.
Sample image

Image set to “Medium”. This caption uses the paragraph block with text set to “Small”. You control the appearance but NOT the width. Use only for Full width images. This size font is a good format to include the source/credit for the image.

HEADING BLOCK – H4: Short, descriptive – no longer than two lines.

PARAGRAPH BLOCK: (Default size is 16 points = 22 pixel height)
Note: a keyboard hard “Return” will create a new paragraph block. Soft “Shift-Returns” will keep you in the same Paragraph Block

PARAGRAPH BLOCK: (Default size is 16 points = 22 pixel height)
We’ll use this as a default size for most text. Below are the standard options for text size available in the right-hand column under “Text Settings” with conversion to pixel heights (note: you could make this a “List Block”, but you only get the Default 16pt/22px size in a List Block, so we use a leading en-dash here
– Small = 13pt = 17 pixel height
– Normal (Default) = 16pt = 22 pixels
– Medium = 20pt = 26 pixel height
– Large = 36pt = 48 pixel height
– Huge = 48pt = 64 pixel height

To mix type sizes in a single paragraph you need to use the “Classic Paragraph Block.” Not discussed here.

HEADING BLOCK – H4: Another heading – use the H4 size for headings that run across the page

Here is a “Vimeo Embed” block. When using this particular WP Template’s “Embed” block, insert just the “link” URL, not the Embed Code. Confusing, I know.

Alyah Scott – Push Da Button (The Color Purple) from The Duderstadt Center on Vimeo.

The following blocks are samples of the most common “BLOCK” elements. You can duplicate them as needed (CMD-SHIFT-D), and move them up and down the page with the up and down “tents/arrows” in the upper left of this edit window. You can’t drag blocks around. Mouse ariund the perimeter of any block and you get the “circle+” sign

Here are two “Separator” blocks, the equivalent of “insert horizontal line.” This first is the “Default” size and default color (a light grey). The default color is too light for easy reading.

The second (above) is the “Wide Line” option and with the custom color choice set to #000000. use this combo. Note: they look to be different widths in this editing window, but I can’t tell the difference when in published view. There is no line thickness choice.

A column block has been selected and set to “three columns.” A standard Paragraph block has been inserted in the left column

The middle block has an “H5” heading inserted. Headings default to align vertically in the middle.
The right column starts with an “H6” heading followed by a separator…

…and then a Paragraph with the Text Setting at “Small” = 13pt/17px.

This is the left-hand column of a two-column row with the background color set to “DC Sky Blue” #a8e4fe

Once you’ve created a column, you can duplicate it separately from the right

This is the right-hand column with the background color set to “DC Sand” #f4eacf

Also, if you use soft returns as in this column, you can extend the column independently of the left column