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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Other Services

Duderstadt Center Checkout

Duderstadt Checkout is the media equipment checkout facility in the Duderstadt Center. Located at the circulation desk on the second floor of the Duderstadt Center, we offer video camera, still camera, audio recording kits, and tripods to faculty and students looking to create media for instruction or assigned class projects. Duderstadt-Checkout is not an 'open' checkout facility. We are here to support faculty who wish to include media tools for projects within a for-credit class context. The equipment available at the circulation desk is not intended for departmental projects, or work that is not intended as a class project. As we have limited resources, the importance of planning ahead cannot be stressed enough.

Locker Rentals

Lockers are available for single day or semester rental from the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library.

One Day Lockers

Temporary lockers are located on the 2nd floor and are free to use for a day.  You can borrow a locker key with an Mcard at the 2nd floor service desk.

Semester Lockers

Semester use lockers are located on floors 1, 2, and 3 and may be purchased at the 2nd floor service desk. There is a non-refundable $30.00 fee per semester for each full locker or a $15.00 fee per semester for each half-locker. Only credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted for payment.

Guided Tours

A guided tour of the Digital Media Commons in the Duderstadt Center may be arranged by email at or by phone at (734) 763-3266. The standard tour may include the GroundWorks Media Conversion Facility, Design Labs, Audio and Electronic Music Studios, Video Studio, Personal Studio, 3D Lab, VizHubs, MultiMedia Rooms and the video-conference suite.

For a tour of the Arts, Architecture and Engineering Library and/or the Computer & Video Game Archive in the Duderstadt Center, please contact David Carter.