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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center


A number of spaces in the Duderstadt Center can be reserved in advance, including:

All spaces without a special reservation form can be reserved through the online reservation system.

* Requires certification. See each space's page for details on certification.

Special note when making a reservation for the Duderstadt Center's lower level, B309 A/B:
The Duderstadt Center typically does NOT provide Audio/Video equipment and/or Tech support for activities and events scheduled in Room B309 A/B.  The host sponsor for each event is responsible for obtaining and providing their own A/V equipment and support services.   During pre-event meetings, the host sponsor is expected to provide information about the vendor who will be providing the equipment and tech support for their event.    

Policies regarding access to and use of rooms vary, but some general policies regarding food service, clean-up and other services apply.