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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Design Studio

The Design Studio is a dynamic environment for curricular or co-curricular projects that bridge disciplines, build networks, and explore new contexts for scholarship.

The most important resource you’ll find here are the people: students who lead academic and creative activities, and staff with wide-ranging expertise.  With a focus on community participation, the studio evolves with everyone who enters.

Looking for hard-to-find expertise, or a collaborator? Drop in.


media editing stations • animation software • light table • copy stands •  drawing and prototyping materials for design thinking • whiteboards • moveable tables • projector and screen • project storage


Projects in Residence and Micro-Fellowships

Duderstadt Center Projects in Residence receive special access to technology and staff expertise, dedicated workspace, and/or storage space. In turn, they contribute insights into workflows, approaches, design problems or technology solutions.

Winter 2019 Design Studio Projects in Residence:  


Through Duderstadt Center Fellowships, students develop their skills as leaders and researchers, with strategic guidance from Duderstadt Center staff and/or faculty advisors. In addition to benefiting the participants, these focused relationships inform ongoing programs and services, develop communities of interest, and draw new students and faculty to the Center.  


Winter 2019 Design Studio Fellowship:  Michelle’s Meme Machine



The Design Studio welcomes short- and long-term events and projects that put our special resources to good use and bring related ideas and resources into the mix. We host workshops, course labs, course-based team projects, co-curricular projects, student organization meetings, art exhibitions and installations, music performances, design critiques or reviews, etc. All events are effectively open to the public, at least for observation.

If you would like to hold an event in the Design Studio, email for additional information.