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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center


The main function of the Gallery is to exhibit the widest range of creative talents from within the University. The exhibits can be two- or three-dimensional, from art to engineering products, or computer-based interactive displays. Artifacts can be free standing, placed on pedestals (which we provide), or hung on the walls and from the unistrut ceiling structure. The space consists of a 2600-square-foot octagonal room fronted by a long glass wall for increased visibility.

The Gallery's glass wall and the large glass doors in the Connector Hall both open, providing access for large structures and allowing for open-air receptions — weather permitting. Receptions or meals may be held in conjunction with exhibits. If the Gallery is already booked for an exhibit, unaffiliated meals or receptions will not be allowed. Meals and receptions not associated with an exhibit may be booked in the Gallery no more than one month in advance, and only if the participants have a relevant connection to the interests of the Duderstadt Center.

The Gallery will hold up to thirteen 60-inch round tables, seating eight each — for total capacity of 104. There is a small catering kitchen next to the Gallery that contains a refrigerator, two microwave ovens, a stovetop and three ovens. Arrangements for catering, rental and setup of equipment, and cleanup are made through the user's choice of caterer.

Upcoming exhibitions are announced on the Events page.


To reserve the gallery, please fill out the Gallery Use Application on this site. Questions may be directed to gallery manager Kathi Reister at (734) 763-0606 or