PB Policy

PrintrBot Play Policy:

  1. We do our best to satisfy the UM community’s needs. Keep in mind that the PB Play is a consumer grade 3D printer, not a production 3D printer. It lacks the reliability, dependability, capability, repeatability,  and many other ‘bilities’ of such devices.
  2. Consultants at the Duderstadt Center provide PLA material, manage the print server, load material, and remove parts from the 3D printer.
  3. You are responsible for setting up your build and submitting it for 3D print. Read over the PB Play website in its entirety as you will find helpful information to get you started. If you’re stuck, consultant are available to help guide you through the process of 3D printing.
  4. 3D print requests are accepted during posted hours. Once the daily print capacity has been reached, we no longer accept new prints and we do not carry work over to the next day.
  5. Submit long builds at the start of the day as we require that all PB 3D print jobs are at least ¼ complete prior to the end of the day. This is to ensure the build is stable and unlikely to fail.
  6. We reserve the right to decline 3D print requests that violate university policy, fail to meet PB Play guidelines, or may cause harm to equipment or personal injury.