Visualization Studio

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The Visualization Studio provides campus-wide access to augmented/virtual reality development workstations and equipment. Each station is equipped with an Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive Pro Wireless VR headset. Microsoft Hololens, LEAP motion, Intuos drawing tablets, 360 cameras etc are also available to the students through the Duderstadt Center checkout system.

Visualization Studio workstations are all outfitted with the latest development software including a plethora of 3d modeling packages, game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine, 3ds Max Interactive, Enscape and our own in-house VR rendering software, Jugular. The space is designed to give students, staff and faculty access to cutting edge equipment and expert staff that are able to orient them to these new technologies and pipelines. 

The Duderstadt Center has a long history of providing tailored AR/VR development for grant-based research and learning tools on campus, and is available for consultation on AR/VR based grants. The Visualization Studio aims to make these development pipelines more known and accessible.