Visualization Hubs

VizHubs 1 & 2

The DMC has two Visualization Hubs (VizHubs) on the second floor of the Duderstadt Center. These workstations can be reserved online under “The James and Anne Duderstadt Center” at the U-M Study Spaces site or on the iPad reservation systems (only available for immediate reservations) located at the VizHub themselves.

The vizhub workstations are large collaborative workstations with an 84’’ UHD Video Display with 3D capabilities. The machines driving this display feature dual NVIDIA M6000 GPUs with 24GB of RAM each, dual 16 core Intel Xeon processors, 256 GB of RAM and 10Gbit ethernet connectivity. This enables extremely fast transfer of datasets to the machine and real time visualization of extremely large datasets.

The VizHub workstations can run either Windows 7 or Ubuntu (Linux), with a variety of software packages available on each platform. Many of these applications can take advantage of the interlaced 3D display capabilities of the display right out of the box. There are high speed USB 3.0 ports on the desk for fast data transfer, as well as power outlets for charging all of your devices. In addition to a standard keyboard and mouse, there is a 3D mouse that works seamlessly with a variety of 3D modeling applications. To take advantage of the 3D capabilities on the visual display, glasses can be checked out at the library service desk located on the same floor.

VizHubs 3 – 13

In addition to the two large VizHubs, the second floor also contains 11 smaller collaborative workstations with dedicated 55’’ 1080p flat screen video displays and CAEN computers. These spaces contain enough chairs to seat five people and are sectioned off for a modicum of privacy. For those who want to connect their personal devices to the video display, VGA and HDMI cables are readily available for use, simply plug and play.