Grants and Funding

Many partner organizations in the Duderstadt Center include programs that may offer grants, scholarships and other forms of funding to both faculty and students in support of projects and research.

Information about funding opportunities are posted here on behalf of DC Partner organizations that provide services in the Duderstadt Center. We are not able to post every funding program, but priority is given to projects that utilize the unique resources of the DC (e.g., labs, studios, and staff consulting). If your program has a funding opportunity you’d like to have posted here, send your information to

U-M Library/Art, Architecture and Engineering Library

It’s time to take your student project to the next level! 

Partner with the U-M Library! The U-M Library is committed to engaging with the campus community to extend learning beyond the classroom. Apply today for our Student Mini Grants (up to $1,000), which support innovative and collaborative projects that make a real-life impact. Selected projects must strengthen community partnerships, enhance global scholarship, and/or advocate for inclusion and diversity.

The U-M Library is your perfect partner every step of the way—with personalized training and support from library experts, as well as direct access to world-renowned research collections and state-of-the-art design and technology labs, studios, exhibit galleries, and collaboration spaces. 

Applications are due Wednesday, October 6th by midnight. 

Ground Connections (DMC)

Ground Connections offers multiple forms of grant and fellowship support for projects and research that make use of Ground Connections’ resources, including the Design Lab 1, Fabrication Studio, GroundWorks and the Gallery. They also collaborate with other units and DC partners in offering financial support as well as project planning and resource discovery. Currently on hold, check back for updates.

Arts Engine

Arts Engine provides grants of varying sizes (from $1,500 to $3,000) in programs for undergraduates and graduate students to support projects that integrate the arts as a primary component of interdisciplinary team-based projects, and to faculty for research on the integration of the arts into other academic disciplines.

Note: the Arts Engine page also includes links to funding for related projects and research from a2ru, Arts at Michigan, CRLT, the SMTD Excel Program and the U-M Library. See “Funding” at Arts Engine.

Center for Academic innovation – XR Initiative

The XR Initiative is a major program of the Center for Academic Innovation (CAI) exploring the role XR technologies can play in achieving learning objectives, transforming pedagogies, and furthering the mission of the U-M. The XR Initiative issues its own calls for grant proposals periodically. You can see those and the wider range of funding provided at: CAI Innovation Fund.

Center for Entrepreneurship

Funding and advising for faculty and doctoral student in opportunities for development of engineering and biomedical research into more advanced research and for commercial applications. See “Faculty and Researcher Funding”.