Building Tours

Tour Requests: 

Requests for a guided tour of the Duderstadt Center can be made by completing a tour request form on our website. Our tours may include visits to the Groundworks Media Lab, Design Studio, Audio Studios, Video Studio, Personal Studio, Fabrication Studio, Multimedia Rooms, Visualization Studio, and the Gallery.

Tour Guidelines:
  • Offered M-F, 10 AM – 4 PM
  • Restricted to groups of 20 or less, and to students/visitors no younger than 16
  • 14 days’ advance notice
  • Any exceptions to our normal procedures require additional conversations
Guided Tour Options:

Standard “Overview” Tour – this tour includes a brief overview and visit to our various studios and creative spaces. It does not include demonstrations, and access may be limited to a given resource if it’s in use.  This is our most popular and satisfying tour for those interested in learning about all of our resources. (30-60 min)

Tour Plus – an enhanced tour with additional demonstrations in one or more of our resource areas.

Orientation – training in a specific resource area, usually driven by a class assignment or other academic need. We offer daily orientations in many of our spaces which may suit your needs (see below).

Request a guided tour of the Duderstadt Center