Student Groups: Connect with DC Resources

The Digital Media Commons (DMC) located in the Duderstadt Center, is willing to sponsor official U-M Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs) that align with our mission below:

“The Digital Media Commons provides the U-M community with access to evolving technologies supported by experienced and passionate staff. We enable new ways to research, teach, learn, create, and explore in a student-centric environment that is interdisciplinary, inclusive, collaborative, and that promotes climate and social justice.”

As a sponsor of an approved SSO, the DMC may provide use of specialized equipment, instruction for using the specialized equipment, funding, space to use for meetings, and/or coaching and mentoring. 

U-M 3D Printing Club members set up a 3D printer during one of their regular meetings in the Fabrication Studio.

Members of the U-M 3D Printing Club are co-sponsored by senior staff in the Fabrication Studio and have access to 3D printers and and other equipment in the well-equipped space. Image courtesy of U-M 3D Printing Club.

The DMC requires the SSO to complete an annual U-M Sponsored Student Organization Agreement (see also the complete, blank SSO Agreement document here). The SSO also agrees to engage a faculty advisor who will share responsibility for the SSO with the DMC. It is up to the DMC sponsor to bring the SSO form to the attention of the COO and to contact the faculty advisor to make sure that they understand what responsibilities they are agreeing to monitor. 

*Note: our priority is to serve groups that have needs for access to resources unique to the Duderstadt Center. If you simply need a meeting space, email

The 2019 Leadership team of the Alternate Reality Initiative.

The Leadership team of the Alternate Reality Initiative. ARI utilizes the resources of the Visualization Studio including the MiDen and MoCap studio, as well as using the Advanced Training Labs for group presentations. Image by Michael Zhang, courtesy of ARI.