Student Employment

Updated September 5, 2023

The groups below take a special interest in helping student employees acquire new creative and technical skills that can also be invaluable in your academic and career development. A student’s training and skill advancement are also recognized in determining their compensation.

A student advisor provides advice and orientation to a user in Audio Studio A - one of the most advanced audio production studios in any university in the U.S.

Student employees with advanced skills regularly provide guidance and training to users in the highly specialized studios available in the DC.

If you are interested in working in any of the Digital Media Commons spaces, please complete the following:

DMC Student Employment Pre-Application Form

a2ru (Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities) is a partnership of colleges and universities committed to transforming higher education to ensure the greatest possible institutional support for arts-integrative research, curricula, programs and creative practice between the arts, sciences, and other disciplines. a2ru is based at the University of Michigan with offices in the James and Anne Duderstadt Center.

There are no current job openings.

The AAEL (Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library) in the Duderstadt Center is a unit of the U-M Library. For general information on job postings for students, visit the U-M Library-wide “Job Postings for Students“. Active postings that may include the AAEL location are here (requires U-M login): “Student Employment Opportunities”

CAEN (Computer-Aided Engineering Network) is the College of Engineering’s central provider of information technology services. CAEN offers both entry-level and advanced employment opportunities for students, including those with work-study awards, and welcome students from all U-M schools and colleges. Each position offers on-the-job training, and allows interested and committed students to attain positions of increasing responsibility. For more info and a list of open positions see our page: Student Employment at CAEN

Digital Media Commons Administration. The Digital Media Commons (DMC) provides staff and resources to support several enhanced-technology labs and studios in the James and Anne Duderstadt Center. The DMC Administrative Team reports to the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic innovation and provides overall business and operations management for the Duderstadt Center .

There are no current job openings.

The Emerging Technologies Group (DMC) provides support for 3D visualization technology and extended reality development infrastructure and services in the Duderstadt Center, and operates the Visualization Studio, MiDEN, and MoCap Studio. ETG also provides workshops, training, one-on-one consulting, and applications development to support student and faculty coursework and projects. Depending on our project portfolio we hire student developers, 3D artists, designers, and IT specialists to work alongside our professional staff in Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality projects.

There are no current job openings.

Ground Connections (DMC) provides programmatic, technical and administrative support for Groundworks, the Fabrication Studio, Design Lab 1, the Gallery and more. Student Fellows bring diverse perspectives to our program and learn to advise users, support classes, develop training and certification material, steward equipment, and even lead new projects. They provide high-quality customer service while gaining valuable working knowledge of many of the DC’s creative resources.

There are no current job openings.

Media & Studio Arts Group (DMC) provides programmatic, technical and administrative support for audio and video productions in the Duderstadt Center’s Video Studio, Audio Studios, MultiMedia Rooms and the Personal Studio. If you are interested in working and learning in a highly creative, fast-paced and challenging environment alongside talented professionals, faculty and students.

There are no current job openings.

For other students jobs available in North Campus units, and throughout U-M, see: U-M Student Employment Office