Software Lists

Software for computers in the Duderstadt Center are provided by multiple organizations and tailored to the applications needs and licensing of differing user groups (e.g., CLSE for College of Engineering students, or general-purpose computing provided by ITS Campus Computing).

The login screen for the CAEN Lab Software Environment

CLSE (CAEN Lab Software Environment) is available on public Microsoft Windows/Linux dual-boot workstations throughout the 2nd and 3rd floor

Microsoft Windows Software List ▶

Linux Software List (Red Hat Enterprise) 

Multimedia room

DMC dual-boot MacOS/Windows workstations in Groundworks, Multimedia Rooms, Fabrication Studio, Design Studio, Audio Studios A, B, and C, all provide these Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows applications:

Apple MacOS Software List 

Microsoft Windows Software List ▶

Some studios and labs have additional software available in on-location workstations:

Audio Studio A Software List 

Audio Studio B Software List ▶

Audio Studio C Software List 

Visualization Studio/XR Lab Software ▶

Walkup iMac computers in the Atrium is provided by U-M ITS Campus Computing team using their “Sites” services. For a list of software provided in the Sites program please see:

Campus Computing Software List ▶