Advanced Audio Recording, Editing, Studio Production, Music Composition

and image of the 48-channel console in Audio Studio A

The DMC Audio Studios

Three studios with equipment comparable to or exceeding advanced recording industry standards. They are available by reservation to any U-M student faculty or staff member who have completed our certification standards. They are intended to encourage experimentation and research, and develop skills and techniques in audio production.

Audio Studio A

A suite of five rooms: the control room, main tracking room, two isolation booths, and an amp room. It has been set up with the resources to explore stereo recording, surround recording, and surround recording with height.

Audio Studios B and C

Audio Studios B and C include two state-of-the-art recording laboratories that facilitate a broad range of activities and research including: electronic music composition, recording experimentation, mixing audio to motion picture, scientific investigation and acoustic studies. They may be used separately or combined for expanded capabilities – allowing one to function as a control room while the other acts as a tracking space.

Software List for Audio Studios A, B and C

DC Workstation Computers with Video and Multimedia Editing Applications

Most computer workstations in the DC are provisioned with popular audio and multimedia editing applications.

  • CAEN-supported public workstations on the 2nd and 3rd floor offer both Windows OS and and Linux (Red Hat) OS applications. Refer to the CAEN CLSE software lists
  • DMC-supported computers in Groundworks, the Multimedia Rooms, and the Design Studio offer extensive MacOS and Windows video and multimedia applications. See the DMC software lists