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  • Poster image of Multithread interactive exhibit May 16-27 Duderstadt Center Gallery
    See the Multithread interactive art exhibit, May 16-27 Duderstadt Center Gallery

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Building Announcements

DC closed during Memorial Day weekend

  • The Duderstadt Center will close at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 27
  • The DC will remain closed all-day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
  • The DC will reopen at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, May 31

(Faculty and staff only will have access via your MCard. Email questions to Rob Mills)

Low Building Temperature (Heating System Maintenance Project)
May 17 update: The DC’s heating system is undergoing a much needed replacement cycle. The building may be cooler than normal at times. Please bring something warm to wear. We apologize for the inconvenience while we explore possible remedies.

More information about the Heating System Maintenance Project is in “Take Note“.

Regular Building Hours
The Duderstadt Center is open 24-hours, 7 days-a-week, every day that the U-M is open.

New Mujo Cafe Hours
(beginning April 29)
8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

What makes the Duderstadt Center so special? Technology specialists who enable colleges and departments across the U-M to freely access our special resources for new applications.

Technology collaborations that touch every aspect of the U-M experience.
  • Technology collaborations that touch every aspect of the U-M experience.
    A partnership between the Digital Media Commons’ Visualization Studio and Michigan Health enables rehabilitation patients to create and explore new virtual worlds. Donn Hilker, Clinical Director for the University of Michigan Health Rehabilitation Engineering Program, leads a team who use engineering and new technologies to increase the functional capabilities and quality of life of individuals with disabilities. Recently he began exploring the use of the Duderstadt Center’s MIDEN (Michigan Digital Experience Nexus) as a resource for patients such as Travar Pettway. Read more about Donn Hilker’s work with Travar, and the value of rich resources like the MIDEN freely accessible […]

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Photo courtesy of Michigan Medicine

To see your work featured here, tell us how you’re using the unique resources of the Duderstadt Center for your project, assignment, or research, contact us via this form.

  • Multithread
    Multithread is an interactive art exhibit highlighting spectacle, fun, and family via a mother’s kaleidoscopic quilts and her daughter’s live video collages inspired by them. Visitors get to explore a unique quilting algorithm in a variety of analog and digital modalities, from mirroring fabrics to even becoming the textile themselves! How? Find out for yourself […]

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  • Recent Event: News from the Second Annual XR @ Michigan Summit – 2022.
    Updated April 22. For more news and announcements from the second annual XR @ Michigan Summit see the links in the post to “Center for Academic Innovation Teaming with Coursera on 10 XR-enhanced Courses Courses focused on the Future of Work and Society” (click on this post entry to see page links). April 19 (virtual […]

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  • “growing pains” An original musical by Dana Pierangeli – performance video online
    The April 8 performance of “growing pains” is now available on Vimeo (link below). Two lifelong best friends now high school seniors begin growing apart as their lives begin diverging from their shared roots. As they deal with changing family relationships, romantic interests, mental health issues, and the looming threat of college they must ask […]

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  • Recent Exhibit now online: 26th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners
    Updated April 6: A complete online gallery of nearly 700 works from the The 26th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners, many recently exhibited at Duderstadt Center Gallery (March 22 through April 5, 2022), is available for viewing. Almost 300 pieces are for sale through the Prison Arts Creative Project PCAP site (the net proceeds […]

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News Bits
  • About the the DC’s oldest neighbor: the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project
    Constructed in 1955 (adjacent to what would be the site of the Duderstadt Center), the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project (MMPP) was the first laboratory building constructed on the U-M North Campus. It was dedicated in 1958 as a living memorial to the 585 university alumni, students, faculty, and staff members, who gave their lives in World War […]

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  • How the changes to U-M’s mask mandate will affect users of the Duderstadt Center
    From the U-M Campus Maize & Blueprint: “Effective March 14, 2022, masking will be optional in most indoor spaces on campus, including in offices, residence halls and at athletic events. Masks will remain required in classrooms and other instructional spaces (during class times), patient care areas, campus buses and in campus COVID-19 testing sites at least through the end of […]

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Take Note

DC Heating System Maintenance
The DC’s heating system is undergoing a much needed boiler replacement cycle during the months of May, June, and July. This is a major project requiring removal and replacement of large and complex mechanical systems.

  • During this period, as the heating system boilers are replaced, the building interior will be cooler than normal on days following cooler nighttime temperatures. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please bring something warm to wear.
  • You may notice small room-like structures in the halls on each floor of the DC. These temporary enclosures will help reduce the construction noise and dust.
  • Questions? email Rob Mills in DC Facilities.

The Groundworks Orientation is now on Canvas. This course introduces you to the resources of the Digital Media Commons. Upon completing the modules you will create an account, enabling you to reserve the Multimedia Rooms and the Recording Booth.

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