Support the Duderstadt Center

The James and Anne Duderstadt Center (DC) provides the U-M community with access to evolving technologies supported by experienced and passionate staff. We enable new ways to research, teach, learn, create, and explore in a student-centric environment that is interdisciplinary, inclusive, collaborative, and that promotes climate and social justice.

So, whether you’ve had the opportunity to use the DC to teach or take classes; study or work; or use our advanced technologies and expert staff to realize your dreams — we’ve been here for you.

As we approach our 30th anniversary on U-M’s North Campus, we are asking that you use this opportunity to support us. By making a gift of any size to the Duderstadt Center Enrichment Fund, you can help us provide stipends for student work and awards; purchase the latest and greatest technology; support U-M faculty in their teaching endeavors; and refresh our building as needed.

Please consider giving today. We appreciate contributions of any size and thank you for helping to keep us current and relevant to the needs of today’s student community.

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