The Video Studio is a large empty space, filled each week with something new. Video Studio projects are typically experimental or academic, representing learning, research or teaching in art, music, dance or film/video. They might explore new media tools or strategies, new roles for technology in the performing arts, or a new integration of disciplines.

The Studio is open to the University community by application. Projects that make use of the Studio’s unique resources are preferred. Some criteria that we look for in a project is whether it

  • makes use of our unique venue and its resources (green screen, multi-camera video and audio recording, HD projection, motion capture, etc.)
  • is experimental
  • is collaborative
  • is original (created by U-M faculty, students, or staff)
  • involves new, thoughtful uses of media
  • affects learning/teaching/research

We also take into consideration whether

  • a student project is a requirement for a degree and
  • a plan exists for the finished product to be published and/or distributed
Please read all the policies before you apply.