Conference Rooms

The Duderstadt Center has four conference rooms available for meetings, workshops, etc. These rooms are available to U-M groups for academic and student service purposes (for social events, we recommend the Pierpont Commons).

These rooms are not intended to be used as classroom or for standing weekly meetings. A class requiring video conferencing may schedule a conference room for those particular class sessions.

Conference Room A, B & D

Conference Rooms A and B each seat up to 9 people and are equipped with 80” HD displays and high-fidelity audio systems. A touchscreen controller can be used to switch between video and audio sources including an in-room computer, a user-provided laptop, and a dedicated Apple TV with Airplay connectivity. The in-room computers are capable of running both the Mac and Windows operating systems and come loaded with the complete Digital Media Commons software loadset. Each room has built-in microphones and an HD conference camera, which may be used with the in-room computer’s teleconferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

Conference Room D provides the same technical capabilities as Conference Rooms A and B and space for up to 14 people. This room is attached to a small kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave.

Presentation Room 1180

Presentation Room 1180 is a 1,800-square- foot room that accommodates up to 34 people and features four displays: two large rear projection screens and two 70-inch LCD displays. An intuitive touchscreen controller enables users to route media from a variety of sources to each of the displays. These sources include the room computer, an Apple TV, a Blu-ray DVD player, and user provided laptops.

Presentation Room 1180 offers the capability to stream meetings, presentations, and events. Lecture recording services are also available in the room, provided by CAEN. The room is equipped with lapel, handheld, and desk-mounted gooseneck microphones as well as ceiling-mounted speakers for sound reinforcement. When using the room’s dedicated computer, clients have access to the microphones and 4 HD conference cameras through teleconferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. This space also includes a foyer, a coat room, a small catering kitchen, and an all gender restroom.

Scheduling and Reservations

Please inquire about scheduling a Conference Room by emailing the Scheduling Office: