Video for Instruction, Presentations, and Online Meetings

photo take in the Personal Studio showing the lectern and control console, teleprompter and multiple green screen backdrops

Personal Studio Production

The Personal Studio is designed to help students, faculty and staff create dynamic, publication-ready videos at the push of a button. This all-in-one, recording and production system uses an intuitive touchscreen interface to capture, stream, and edit videos in real-time. Walk in with your presentation materials – leave with production complete for viewing and web-publishing.

This system uses the versatile Wirecast software, which provides features such as shot selection, title overlays, picture-in-picture, chroma keying annotation, multiple inputs. The studio also includes

  • a teleprompter
  • color and chromakey (green/blue screen) backdrops
  • multiple cameras and microphones
  • preconfigured professional lighting
  • There is also a laptop connection with modes for capturing or streaming an activity.

For more information and to schedule a 30-minute in-person orientation see the Personal Studio site

Photo of the Recording Booth in Groundworks

Recording Booth

The Recording Booth in Groundworks is a sound isolation booth equipped with a camera, microphone, and the ability to capture the desktop of the computer. The Recording Booth is a terrific place to create a presentation, narrate a voiceover for your video, virtually interview someone, or record a personal vocal or instrumental piece.

How-to Resources for Creating Video for Online Meetings and Presentations

Multiple organizations in the Duderstadt Center have created online resources to help students, faculty, and staff create video content and improve the quality of online meetings. Here are just a few:

DMC media experts are available remotely or in-person to answer questions and assist with your instructional, audio and video needs. With decades of experience, they can help you produce multimedia content at home, creating course material, improving streaming quality, and facilitating artistic collaborations. Contact us via email:

photo of the video-conferencing equipment available in Conference Rooms A and B

Video Conferencing in DC Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms A, B, and D in the Duderstadt Center (Rooms 1120 A, 1120 B and 1120 D – see map) are equipped with 80” HD displays connected to an ITS Zoom Room System. Zoom Rooms is a software-based conference room system that provides a streamlined experience for audio conferencing, screen sharing, and video conferencing using the Zoom platform.  Each room has built-in microphones and an HD conference camera.  A touchscreen controller can be used to switch between video and audio sources.

Note: Conference Rooms A, B & D are no longer equipped with in-room computers. An HDMI connection is available for you to connect your own device to the presentation system.

a photo taken in Presentation Room 1180 showing the lectern and media control console

The Presentation Room – Suite 1180

The Presentation Room Suite 1180 (see map) provides video-conferencing and web-meeting systems and an enhanced presentation experience with multiple large displays, podium-based controls for the speaker and at-table seating for up to 35 attendees.