Student Organizations

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The Alternate Reality Initiative

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Image by Joseph Macek, courtesy of the Alternate Reality Initiative

The Alternate Reality Initiative (ARI) is a student organization at the University of Michigan centered around virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology. We created ARI to provide a hub and community for students interested in XR technology.

Members of the Alternate Reality initiative (ARI) leadership team

Image by Michael Zhang, courtesy of the Alternate Reality Initiative

Through weekly meetings, ARI is fostering the next generation of XR innovators by hosting development workshops, discussing industry news, and connecting students to opportunities in the greater XR ecosystem.

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U-M 3D Printing Club

The 3D Printing Club at the University of Michigan was founded in the summer of 2018 through the Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Lab, directed by Prof. Chinedum Okwudire, in partnership with the Fabrication Studio at the Duderstadt Center, under the leadership of Mr. Shawn O’Grady. It was founded with a goal to provide students from all across campus with in-depth experiential learning in all aspects of 3D printing, thus enriching their educational experience at the University. The Club is envisioned as a creative community, where students, faculty and staff from various disciplines across campus collaborate to advance the art and science of 3D printing for the benefit of Society at large.

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