FAQs, Knowledge Bases, Wikis

In-depth information on the services and resources provided by partners in the Duderstadt Center.

CAEN Knowledge Base
Information about College of Engineering IT policies and services provided by CAEN.

Fabrication Studio Knowledge Base
Comprehensive collection of equipment specifications, handbooks, and other resources for 3D printers, CNC, electronics fabrication and hand tools available in the Fabrication Studio.

Ground Connections Knowledge Base
Extensive collection of instructional guides and reference materials for equipment and resources in the Design, Studio, Fabrication Studio, Groundworks, Multimedia Rooms, the Personal Studio and the Recording Booth,

Media and Studio Arts Wiki
Repository of studio documentation, manuals, and processes for users of the Audio Studios, Video Studio and Multimedia Rooms.

Duderstadt Center FAQs
Information on the organization and governance of the Duderstadt Center