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Desktop Computing, Accessible Computing, Printing & Scanning, Network Access
3D Visualization, XR/VR/AR, Motion Capture
3D Printing and Fabrication Resources, Laser Cutting, CNC, Electronics Assembly
Video Recording, Editing, Advanced Studio Production
Video for Instruction, Presentations, and Online Meetings
Advanced Audio Recording, Editing, Studio Production, Music Composition
Software Lists

Desktop Computing, Accessible Computing, Printing, Document Scanning, Network Access


Multiple U-M departments collaborate to provide more than 400 computers, high-speed networking and WiFi, software, and other equipment, to Duderstadt Center (DC) users. Most are enhanced specifically to support the disciplines of the North Campus schools and colleges: architecture, engineering and information technology, and the performing and studio arts.

Accessible Computing
  • For information about accessible computing and assistive technology resources, see U-M Information and Technologies Services (ITS)- Accessible Computing
Computer workstations on the 2nd and 3rd Floor
Library card catalog and patent reference computers
Campus Computing walkup MacOS workstations in the Atrium

These workstations had been available in the circulation areas of the DC Atrium on the north and west sides. They have been provided by U-M ITS Campus Computing Sites. Covid-19 protocols required the removal of these workstations during the 2020-2021 academic year. We will place a notice here when their status is updated.

DMC Multimedia workstations in Groundworks and Multimedia Rooms

Printing and Scanning

Desktop B&W, color, and tabloid-size printers

The majority of publicly-accessible printers located throughout the Duderstadt Center are part of the campus-wide MPrint service supported by U-M ITS (Information Technology Services). Printers vary in features available and paper sizes supported. In-building locations, features, and status of individual printers can be found at: MPrint Maps: Duderstadt Center (U-M login required).

See “Printing at Campus Computing Locations” for more information about Campus Computing and MPrint services,

Problems with an MPrint printer can be reported by calling the ITS Service Center at 734-764-4357, or send email to

Large Format and Poster Printing by ITS offered in Groundworks

ITS also offers large format printing on media up to 40 inches wide. See the ITS “Poster & Large Format Printing” page for complete information. Note: the pre-order process can only be completed on an on-campus network (e.g., MWireless). Prints can be pre-ordered and then picked up when completed at Groundworks, Suite 1315 in the DC (map)

Document, Large Format, and Slide/Negative Scanning

Scanners are available for documents up to 18 inches x 24 inches and for scanning film negatives and slides in Groundworks, Rm. 1315.

(For information on 3D printing and scanning see “Fabrication” (below))

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Network and WiFi Access

Network services, including WiFi, in the Duderstadt Center are provided by U-M Information and Technology Services. For comprehensive information see: “ITS: WiFi & Networks”

For Assistance or questions contact the ITS Service Center:
Submit a Service Request Online
734-764-HELP (764-4357)

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3D: Visualization, XR/VR/AR, Motion Capture

3D Software Applications on DC computers

3D engineering and design, graphics, special effects, spatial and data visualization are available on both CAEN-supported Windows/Linux workstations on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and on DMC-supported MacOS workstations in Groundworks and the Multimedia Rooms.

More advanced applications sets and peripherals for 3D design, visualization, development, and viewing are available in the Visualization Studio (see next entry). Many are operable on your personal computer via the software virtualization service (Cloudpaging) as part of the CAEN CLSE. Some are only offered on computers located in the DC Visualization Studio in Room 1401 (map). See the Visualization Studio Software list for more info.

Applications and peripherals for 3D printing, fabrication, and more are available in the “Fabrication Studio Underground“, Room B430 in the lower level of the DC (map).

Advanced 3D Resources in The Visualization Studio

The DC Visualization Studio is dedicated development environment open to all students faculty and staff that integrates the most current hardware, software, supporting infrastructure and consultant staff for creating advanced Extended Reality (XR/AR/VR) experiences.

The Visualization Studio is supported by the DMC Emerging Technologies Group. It is a walk-in service (see studio hours on their dedicated pages), located on the 1st Floor, in Rooms 1401-1405 of the DC (map).

Dedicated workstations
  • More than 20 workstations in open collaborative work area
  • Configurable virtual rooms for both wired and wireless headset and controller types
  • Headsets and controllers from Oculus, HTC, Acer, Google, Hololens and Meta
  • Camera systems from GoPro, Ricoh Theta, Nikon
Advanced software

More than 100 applications and development engines including complete development suites from Autodesk, Oculus, Solidworks, Unity, Unreal and more: complete software list

MiDEN – Michigan Immersive Digital Experience Nexus
  • Self-contained immersive audio-visual environment that offers 3D stereoscopic projection on the left, front, right, and floor surfaces.
  • Dimensions: 10 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft (nominal 3 m x 3 m x 3 m)
  • Located on the 1st Floor, Rms 1401-1405 (map)
Motion Capture
  • Vicon 8-camera system
  • Leap Motion
  • Perception Neuron
  • Green screen
Photogrammetry Studio
  • Automated 5-DSLR camera system with 4K recording
  • Dedicated image space with backdrops, studio lighting equipment
  • Guides and software for field photogrammetry
    • Agisoft Metashape
    • Autodesk Recap Pro
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Visualization Computers (VizHubs)

Supported by DMC Emerging Technologies Group and CAEN, 13 dedicated workstations are located in the west side of the 2nd Floor mezzanine (map)

  • Reservable via the U-M Study Spaces site (on this site they are listed as “VIZHUB01” through “VIZHUB13”)
    • multi-seat team worktables
    • 10 Gbps wired network connection for fast data transfer
  • Two workstations with with 84″ UHD display, enhanced workstation-class CPU for fast rendering
  • 11 workstations with 55″ HD display and CAEN workstation.
  • For assistance or questions contact DMC IT Operations via the online U-M TeamDynamix system.
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3D Printing and Fabrication Resources, Laser Cutting, CNC, Electronics Assembly

3D Printing and Fabrication Equipment in The Fabrication Studio

The Duderstadt Center’s Fabrication Studio provides the UM community resources to transform ideas into physical reality: multiple types of 3D printers, a laser cutter, a small CNC router, 3D scanners, dedicated computers and electronics workbenches.

The services and technologies below are supported by the staff of the Fabrication Studio (DMC Ground Connections). The studio is a walk-in facility (see studio hours on their dedicated pages) and is located on the Lower Level in Room B430 (map).

3D Printers

  • Asiga Max X – high resolution (27 micron pixel image) SLA for microfluidics and similar applications
  • BigRep Studio – large volume (1000mm x 500mm x 500mm) industrial filament printer
  • Form 3 SLA (Stereolithography Apparatus)
  • Stratasys J750 (Polyjet)
  • Ultimaker 3 FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) aka FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D Scanning systems

  • NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner (non-contact scanning, with color data capture)
  • MicroScribe G2X Scanner (a physical contact scanner)

Laser Cutting

  • Epilog Helix 2D, 60 watt, CO2 laser cutter.

CNC 3-axis Mills

  • Bantam – PCB 3-axis mill for cutting traces on single or double-sided copper-coated circuit boards
  • Carvey – light duty, entry-level 3-axis mill for cutting flat materials

Electronics Workbench equipment for small-scale projects:

  • Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope Function Generator
  • Bench Power Supply
  • Soldering Station & Solder
  • Hot Air Gun
  • Solder Wick
  • Solder Sucker & De-soldering Iron
  • Fume Extractor
  • Magnifying Lamp

Workbenches and Hand Tools

  • Heavy duty hardwood work tables 48in x 72in (nominal 1.2m x 1.8m)
  • Hand tools – wood chisels, wrenches, files, hammers, saws, pliers, utility knives, wire strippers, screw drivers, hand-powered wood drill, dial calipers, measuring tape, squares
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Video Recording, Editing, Advanced Studio Production

Advanced Multimedia Studio Production in the Video Studio

A 4,200 sq. ft. broadcast-quality video production studio is available for recording live performances and events. The Video Studio is located on the first floor of the Duderstadt Center (Rm 1356), and is supported by professional staff of the DMC Media and Studio Arts (MSA) team. The studio, control room, supporting spaces, and equipment make it possible to stage highly-innovative performing-arts productions, recitals, and academic research to be recorded and/or live-streamed.

Contact the Media and Studio Arts team for information about use of the Video Studio:

DC Workstation Computers with Video and Multimedia Editing Applications

Most computer workstations in the DC are provisioned with multiple, popular video and multimedia editing applications.

  • CAEN-supported public workstations on the 2nd and 3rd floor offer both Windows OS and and Linux (Red Hat) OS applications. Refer to the CAEN CLSE software lists – search by “Software Title” or use the pull-down menu under “Product” to select a specific OS.
  • DMC-supported computers in Groundworks, the Multimedia Rooms, and the Design Studio offer extensive MacOS and Windows video and multimedia applications. See the software lists for each of the DMC Labs and Studios.
Video Equipment Available for Class Projects

Video camera, still camera, and audio recording kits, lights, and tripods are available on a limited basis to faculty and students looking to create media for instruction or assigned class projects. Duderstadt Checkout is not an ‘open’ checkout facility. We are here to support faculty who wish to include media tools for projects within a for-credit class context. Instructors must arrange access for courses well in-advance of expected use.

Video Capture for Online Instruction and Presentations in the Personal Studio

A complete video capture studio, designed to enable users with no previous video production is available for students, faculty and staff to produce professional-looking content. See more below or see the Personal Studio site

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Video for Instruction, Presentations, and Online Meetings

Personal Studio Production

The Personal Studio is designed to help students, faculty and staff create dynamic, publication-ready videos at the push of a button. This all-in-one, recording and production system uses an intuitive touchscreen interface to capture, stream, and edit videos in real-time. Walk in with your presentation materials – leave with production complete for viewing and web-publishing.

  • Wirecast software, which provides features such as shot selection, title overlays, picture-in-picture, chroma keying annotation, multiple inputs.
  • a teleprompter
  • color and chromakey (green/blue screen) backdrops
  • multiple cameras and microphones
  • preconfigured professional lighting
  • laptop connection with modes for capturing or streaming an activity.
  • Software list for the Personal Studio

For more information and to schedule a 30-minute in-person orientation see the Personal Studio site. The Personal Studio is located in Room 1120C, off the Connector Hall, between the DC and Pierpont Commons (map).

Recording Booth

The Recording Booth in Groundworks is a sound isolation booth equipped with a camera, microphone, and the ability to capture the desktop of the computer. The Recording Booth is a terrific place to create a presentation, narrate a voiceover for your video, virtually interview someone, or record a personal vocal or instrumental piece.

How-to Resources for Creating Video for Online Meetings and Presentations

Multiple organizations in the Duderstadt Center have created online resources to help students, faculty, and staff create video content and improve the quality of online meetings. Here are just a few:

DMC media experts are available remotely or in-person to answer questions and assist with your instructional, audio and video needs. With decades of experience, they can help you produce multimedia content at home, creating course material, improving streaming quality, and facilitating artistic collaborations. Contact us via email:

Video Conferencing in DC Conference Rooms A, B, and D

Conference Rooms A, B, and D in the Duderstadt Center (Rooms 1120 A, 1120 B and 1120 D (see map) are equipped with large monitors, cameras, and audio equipment, using the ITS Zoom Room System to provide a streamlined experience for audio and video conferencing using the Zoom platform. For assistance or questions contact DMC IT Operations via the online U-M TeamDynamix system.

Note: Conference Rooms A, B & D are no longer equipped with in-room computers. An HDMI connection is available for you to connect your own device to the presentation system.

The Presentation Room – Suite 1180

The Presentation Room (at the west end of the Atrium) provides video-conferencing and web-meeting systems and an enhanced presentation experience with multiple large displays, podium-based controls for the speaker and at-table seating for up to 35 attendees. For assistance or questions contact DMC IT Operations via the online U-M TeamDynamix system.

Software Available in The Presentation Room – Suite 1180

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Advanced Audio Recording, Editing, Studio Production, Music Composition

The Audio Studios 

There are three Audio Studios with equipment comparable to or exceeding advanced recording industry standards. They are available by reservation to any U-M student faculty or staff member who have completed our certification standards. They are intended to encourage experimentation and research, and develop skills and techniques in audio production.

Audio Studio A

Audio Studio A is suite of five rooms: the control room, main tracking room, two isolation booths, and an amp room. It has been set up with the resources to explore stereo recording, surround recording, and surround recording with height.

Audio Studios B and C

Audio Studios B and C include two state-of-the-art recording laboratories that facilitate a broad range of activities and research including: electronic music composition, recording experimentation, mixing audio to motion picture, scientific investigation and acoustic studies. They may be used separately or combined for expanded capabilities – allowing one to function as a control room while the other acts as a tracking space.

Software List for Audio Studios A, B and C

DC Workstation Computers with Video and Multimedia Editing Applications

Most computer workstations in the DC are provisioned with popular audio and multimedia editing applications.

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Software Lists

See this consolidated Software List for all CAEN and DMC maintained computers.

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