Video Recording, Editing, Advanced Studio Production

Four video monitors in the Video Studio help producers during Olivia Hardy's Musical Theatre thesis performance recording

Image by Jacques Mersereau, Media and Studio Arts

Advanced Multimedia Studio Production in the Video Studio

A 4,200 sq. ft. broadcast-quality video production studio is available for recording live performances and events. The Video Studio is located on the first floor of the Duderstadt Center (Rm 1356), and is supported by professional staff of the DMC Media and Studio Arts (MSA) team. The studio, control room, supporting spaces, and equipment make it possible to stage highly-innovative performing-arts productions, recitals, and academic research to be recorded and/or live-streamed. Recents projects have included:

  • Production and documentation of original theatre, music, and dance performances for:
    • thesis presentation
    • student coursework
    • faculty research and publication
  • Live from studio broadcasts to the web
  • Green screen production
  • Motion-capture data collection
  • Real-time integration of 3D motion-capture and projection mapping

Contact the Media and Studio Arts team for information about use of the Video Studio:

Video Equipment Available for Class Projects

Video camera, still camera, and audio recording kits, lights, and tripods are available on a limited basis to faculty and students looking to create media for instruction or assigned class projects. Duderstadt Checkout is not an ‘open’ checkout facility. We are here to support faculty who wish to include media tools for projects within a for-credit class context. Instructors must arrange access for courses well in-advance of expected use.

Video Capture for Online Instruction and Presentations in the Personal Studio

A complete video capture studio, designed to enable users with no previous video production is available for students, faculty and staff to produce professional-looking content. See: Personal Studio site

DC Workstation Computers with Video Editing Applications

Most computer workstations in the DC are provisioned with multiple, popular video and multimedia editing applications.

  • CAEN-supported public workstations on the 2nd and 3rd floor offer both Windows OS and and Linux (Red Hat) OS applications. Refer to the CAEN CLSE software lists
  • DMC-supported computers in Groundworks, the Multimedia Rooms, and the Design Studio offer extensive MacOS and Windows video and multimedia applications. See the DMC software lists