Multimedia Rooms

a photo of the powerful media editing workstation and peripherals that make the Multimedia Rooms an efficient and productive workspace for media producers

Welcome to the DMC Multimedia Rooms, a resource unparalleled by any other on campus.  Available 24/7 by reservation, whenever the Duderstadt Center is open, the Multimedia rooms are more than a collection of computer hardware, but an environment custom engineered to elevate your creative process. Designed for beginner content creators to seasoned media professionals, we have you covered! 

Each room is outfitted with: 

  • Acoustic Engineered Sound Panels to facilitate critical listening and high fidelity audio production.
  • Visually designed with color work and color grading in mind with neutral gray walls and balanced dimmable LED lighting. 
  • 2020 Mac Pro Computers with Intel 3.3 GHz 12-Core Xeon processors, Turbo Boost up to 4.4 GHz, 32 GB memory, Radeon Pro Vega II 32 GB Video Card and Apple’s Afterburner technology.
  • One 6k Apple Pro Display XDR and secondary 4k Display.
  • Adam A7 High Fidelity Stereo Speakers. 
  • Midi Keyboards for composition.
  • Audio Interface with instrument & microphone inputs.
  • HD Webcams for remote collaboration.
  • High Speed Network Attached Storage for use by Duderstadt Center Video Studio content creators. 
  • Wide array of content creation software including: Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro & Motion, Davinci Resolve, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic and Touch Designer.  See our complete list of software.


Backing up the powerful hardware tools in the Multimedia Rooms are the Digital Media Commons support staff who are ready to consult and help guide you through your post production process. For assistance or consultation email:

Multimedia Room Access

When: Anytime, it’s an online module.

Duration: Approximately 30 min

Where: Groundworks – Virtual Orientation

Intended for new users who wish to learn about GroundWorks resources and gain access to the Multimedia Workrooms or the Recording Booth. The 30 minute online orientation covers the basic set up of hardware and software in the lab, equipment and resources within the Multimedia Workrooms and the Recording booth, and policies regarding lab use and reservable spaces. The online orientation will prepare users to start working on their projects within a few hours of their orientation.

Large groups, including classes, departments, and student organizations, can schedule in person orientations by emailing